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A Circling Star - Mara Kay


Quicksilver Aniuta is growing up to be a problem for her family. How is this impetuous mimic to earn her living when she has no domestic talents? Boarding school appears to be the answer and she is accepted as a pupil at the Imperial Theatrical School.

This is the story of Aniuta’s training at the school which prepared ballet dancers and actresses for the Bolshoi Theatre. We meet her friends and rivals as they begin learning their first steps and end by joining the company.

A Circling Star £14.00 (UK 2nd class postage)

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A Circling Star - £21.00 (Rest of World airmail postage)


Anna - Charlotte - Clare Mallory


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I thought last Saturday that we’d get on rather well together. As neither of us has any sisters, wouldn’t it be an idea to join forces and fill up our gaps?

What kind of friend can Anna Greenwood be? She’s eleven and stuck in a deep rut. Kind, yes, and good at lessons and music; she’s also untidy, demoralised and unable to do much about it even if she had the confidence or skills to do so. Making a friend of the older and sometimes wiser Charlotte changes her life.

Charlotte has poise, good taste in clothes and masses of confidence, even if she has a well-deserved reputation for being unreliable. Taking Anna under her wing, she applies much-needed polish to her new friend and is surprised to find that her unofficial younger sister can challenge her opinions and make her think.


Anna - Charlotte £14.00 (UK 2nd class postage)

Anna - Charlotte £15.00 (EU airmail postage)

Anna - Charlotte £21.00 (Rest of World airmail postage)

Tony against the Prefects - Clare Mallory

Tony stands out amongst the four hundred boarders for her recklessness, intelligence and mischief. She has brains, is good at games, is not challenged by lessons and is unused to rules and authority. Her second term at Chillingham is dramatic as she rebels fiercely against the authority held by the prefects.

Jessica is Chillingham’s current Head Girl and star of the First Eleven. Very conscious of her position she misjudges many of her interactions with Tony until the two finally find acceptance and common ground.


Tony against the Prefects £14.00 (UK 2nd class postage)

Tony against the Prefects £15.00 (EU airmail postage)

Tony against the Prefects £21.00 (Rest of World, airmail postage)

Candy Nevill - Clare Mallory

 Some people have a gift for cooking and Candy Nevill is lucky enough to be one of those people. Unfortunately, she’s also the slowest and youngest member of a family of academic high-flyers who don’t always value light scones or delicious suppers when compared to captaining sports teams or achieving the highest marks.


Candida Nevill, known to the family as Candy, is an ordinary schoolgirl with a habit of daydreaming and coming a very distant fourth to her three successful and confident elder siblings. Candy is content to drift through her schooldays, not even playing team games, and it’s only the start of cooking lessons that show that she can be successful too.

Unpublished in her lifetime Clare Mallory’s novel is a tale of childhood life in New Zealand.

Candy Nevill £14.00 (UK 2nd class postage)

Candy Nevill £15.00 (EU airmail postage)

Candy Nevill £21.00 (Rest of World airmail postage)

Five Farthings - Monica Redlich

A sudden change in circumstances forces the five members of the Farthing family to move from a quiet corner of Sussex to the noise and bustle of the City of London. The family rents a flat in the shadow of St Paul’s in a City dominated by Wren churches, publishing houses and busy office workers. Five Farthings is a family story and domestic adventure set in London. With her father in hospital, her mother returned to work, eldest daughter Vivien looks after the home. It is a story of a girl’s first job and first love as well as the need for sharp eyes and sharp elbows when attempting to board the bus.


Five Farthings £14.00 (UK 2nd class postage)

Five Farthings£15.00 (EU airmail postage)

Five Farthings £21.00 (Rest of World airmail postage)

Masha - Mara Kay

Masha Fredericks travels to St. Petersburg from her home in the country in 1815 to attend the Smolni Institute for Noble Girls. Girls are expected to study there for the full course of nine years and spend all their holidays at the school. Quiet, superstitious and very shy, she finds it difficult to adapt to boarding school life preferring to watch from the side-lines.


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The Youngest Lady-in-Waiting - Mara Kay

Masha Fredericks leaves the Smolni Institute for Noble Girls as a prize-winning pupil and takes up her place as lady-in-waiting to the Grand Duchess Alexandra in St. Petersburg while her best friend Sophie Brozina returns to her father’s home in the city. The Youngest Lady-in-Waiting is the story of their continued friendship and is the sequel to Masha.


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